Cody Hughes, D.O.

First Year Resident

Med School: Des Moines University

Undergrad: University of North Dakota

Hometown: Williston, North Dakota

Why I Chose Broadlawns-UnityPoint Psychiatry Residency: I enjoyed my different rotations while at Broadlawns. The physicians were happy to teach and eager to enhance my experience. I believe this residency highly values my education and success which is crucial to me in a residency. The program staff work hard to teach while also allowing a fantastic work/life balance.

Hobbies: Video games with friends. Exercising such as weight lifting and biking on the trail system. I like watching sporting events such as hockey, football, and Formula 1 Racing.

Favorite Thing About Des Moines: Des Moines is a great place for plenty of opportunities. The biking trail system is great to ride on. The food and craft beer scene is one of my favorites that are easily accessible wherever you’re located at. I am from North Dakota and appreciate the large city vibe Des Moines has to offer while also feeling like home.

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